Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Writing Process

Here are some tips to write a perfect essay;

Step 1 : Brainstorm for ideas 
- Write down all the ideas you can think of
- Don´t worry about whether the idea is relevant 
- Don´t worry about grammar or spelling 
- You can write in your own language 

Step 2: Organise your ideas 
- Decide which ideas to keep and cross out the others 
- Group similar ideas together 
- Organise the groups according to a writing plan 

Step 3: Focus on language 
- Think of words and expressions you will need in your work 

Step 4: Write a first draft 
- Write your first draft on the computer or by hand. If you are writing by hand, use a pencil. Leave wide margins for notes. 
- Leave space between lines for additions and corrections 
- Write quickly. Don´t worry about neatness or accuracy 
- If you can´t think of a word in English, write it in your own language. Look up the word in a dictionary later. 
- If you can´t spell a word, write it any way you can. Then check the word in a dictionary or use a spellcheck when you have finished. 

Step 5: Check your work 
- Use the Writer Checklist on this page to improve your work. 

Step 6: Write a final draft 
- If you are writing by hand: copy your corrected work neatly onto a clean sheet of paper 
- Use a pen and leave a margin on the left-hand side 
- Make sure your paragraphs are clearly indicated

You can indicate the beginning of a paragraph by: 
1. Indenting (moving the first word of the paragraph to the right) 
2. Skipping a line before beginning a new paragraph. Each paragraph begins at the left-hand margin. Both styles are correct, but be consistent in your writing. The indented style is preferred for informal letters.

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