Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unit 5: Rome


Here are the key words on Unit 5. Sorry for the delay!

Rome: It was originally an agricultural village situated on the Palatine Hill on the Banks of the river Tiber. In time, it expanded across the Seven Hills and was surrounded by a protective wall. It then became a city and later, an empire. 
Sewage: Liquid and solid waste.
Republic: It is a political system in which power is held by a person elected by the citizens for a limited period of time.
Dictatorship: It is a form of government where one person holds absolute power.
Emperor: A person who holds absolute religious and political power. He made laws and appointed the magistrates and provincial governors. Although the republican institutions were maintained, their power was only symbolic.
Patriarchal society: It is a society in which the father controls all the members of the family and their possessions. He managed the finances, arranged the marriages of his children and led the religious ceremonies in the household.

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