Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unit 4: Key Words and Definitions

Key Words Unit 4

Landlord: Person, normally belonging to the nobility, who owned a land (fief), and obtained an income from the rent of those lands, which were worked by peasants.

Mercantilism: Economic system based on the idea that a country’s wealth depended on how much gold and silver it possessed. It maximizes the exports.

Absolutism: Form of government in which the monarch holds unlimited power, and this power was believed to come from God.

Parliamentary Monarchy: Form of government in which all or some of the monarch´s decisions must be approved by parliament.

Morisco: Moriscos were former Muslims who converted to Christianity.

Glorious Revolution: The Glorious Revolution was the process that took place in England when William of Orange took the English throne from James II in 1688. The event brought a permanent realignment of power within the English constitution.

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