Sunday, November 27, 2016

Unit 3. Key Words and Definitions

Unit 3:

1. Liberalism: Ideology that advocates individual liberties, such as the right to life, freedom of expression and association, the right to choose political representatives and the right to own private property.

2. Restoration: It was a return to the political system of the Ancien Régime that was imposed by the victorious European powers (Austria, Prussia, Russia and Great Britain) after Napoleon's defeat in 1815.

3. Democracy: In the 19th century democratic movements advocated ordinary people's right to participate in politics. Their supporters wanted to end the social and economic inequalities produced by bourgeois liberalism.

4. Nationalism: Ideology that advocates teh right of people who defide themselves as a nation to form independent states.

5. Military coup: Military revolt which aims to remove the goverment or replace it with a new form of government.

6. Expropriation: State expropriation of land belonging to the church, the nobility and municipalities. In return, the owners were given an amout of money. Then the state sold the land at a public auction.

7. Regent: Person who rules when the monarch is a minor, or is absent or incapable of ruling.

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