Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Unit 3: Key Words and Definitions

History Unit 3:

1. Craftsmanship is the technique of making objects and products by hand, using simple tools and methods.
2. Politics is how to govern a society.
3. Economy is the administration of resources in order to satisfy the needs of individuals and societies.
4. Society is a community of people living in a particular place and having shared customs, laws, religion and political organization.
5. Culture is the customs, knowledge and level of artistic, scientific and technical development of a society.
6. Mesopotamia means ‘land between rivers’, and it is the name Greeks gave to the region situated between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
7. City state is a city and surrounding lands, with its own independent government.
8. Brick is a piece of clay baked in an oven.
9. Arch is an architectural structure with a supporting point at each end.
10. Vault is a roof in the form of an arch.
11. Pharaoh is an ancient Egyptian king.
12. Dynasty: Line of rulers from the same family.

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