Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Unit 2: Definitions

Key Words and Definitions

Unit 2

1. Dynasty: Line of rulers from the same family.

2. Parliament: A parliament is a legislative, elected body of government. Generally, it has three functions: representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government.

3. Cortes: Representative assembly, consisting of members of the nobility, clergy and inhabitants of the cities, summoned by a king who would ask them for taxes, recruitment of troops, etc.

4. Viceroy: King’s representative in the New World. In the Early centuries of Spain’s colonization of America there were two viceroys, one in Mew Spain, with Mexico city as its capital, and one in Peru with Lima as its capital.

5. Inquisition: Ecclesiastical tribunal that persecuted false converts (people who converted to Christianity but continued to practice their own religion).

6. Corregidor: Representative of the monarchs in the city councils.

7. Mudejar: Muslim who remained on land conquered by Christians.

8. Morisco: They were former Muslims who converted into Christianity.

9. Mesta: Association that defended the interests of transhumant livestock holders against those of farmers.

10. Consejo de Indias: Body that advised kings on matters related to America.

11. Casa de Contratación: Institution founded in 1503 and based in Sevilla, responsible for governing Spanish trade with America.

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